Tulsa Restaurants Near Our Community for Burgers and Hot Dogs

Tulsa Restaurants Near Our Community for Burgers and Hot Dogs

At our Tulsa apartments, we offer residents spacious units with wonderful kitchens, but this doesn't mean you want to cook every night. Sometimes, you just want a quick, easy meal. Here are some terrific nearby restaurants for burgers and hot dogs this spring and summer: Jay's Coneys might be a small restaurant, but it's widely known for its … [Read more...]

Tulsa Events: Literature LIVE! Presents Laura Ingalls Wilder

Tulsa Events Literature LIVE! Presents Laura Ingalls Wilder

If you attended the previous season of Literature LIVE! at the Cox Business Center, you might be looking forward to more of the venue's events in Tulsa this year, too. Rather than sitting around your Tulsa apartment with nothing to do, head to some of the Literature LIVE! Series events, and enjoy special presentations by some of your favorite … [Read more...]

Split Bills with Your Roommate Using this Online Tool

Split Bills with Your Roommate Using this Online Tool

Our apartments in Tulsa with roommate floor plans allow you to share your living space with roommates with more privacy and less hassle. Sometimes it seems the real headaches with roommates come when it is time for the bills to be paid as you try to coordinate collecting funds from everyone. A handy tool for making this easier is Bills Are In, a great … [Read more...]

3 Events in Tulsa Just for Teens

Events for Teens

Don't let your teen sit around your apartment bored when there are plenty of events in Tulsa geared just for that age group. Getting out and about helps teens make friends, develop new skills and avoid boredom. Here are three events in Tulsa just teeming with teen spirit: Has your teen shown any interest in art? Check into teen art classes at … [Read more...]

Try a Free Class at Just Ladies Fitness in East Tulsa

Try a Free Class at Just Ladies Fitness in East Tulsa

It's almost summer time, and that means you might be ramping up your workout so you can be ready for the season with a swimsuit body to die for. Our well-appointed, unique apartments in Tulsa provide you with an onsite fitness center for your workouts as part of the great amenities we offer for residents, but you might find that you can stay motivated and … [Read more...]

Decorating Tips: Create a Chic Bar Cart in Your Apartment


If you like entertaining but don't like a clutter of bottles and cups on your counter, check out some apartment decorating tips on using bar carts. These convenient, unique decor accessories can be chic additions to your overall look. The first thing to consider when styling a bar cart is the bar cart. Look for one that matches the feel of your … [Read more...]

How Often Do Pets Need Vaccinations?

pet-friendly apartments in East Tulsa

You can enjoy a pretty landscape and a lovely neighborhood at our pet-friendly apartments in East Tulsa, which offer comfort and modern living for you and your pet. To ensure your pet lives a happy, healthy life in Tulsa, be sure not to skip important vaccinations. Just like humans, vaccines are important for a dog's health. They help the immune system … [Read more...]

Attractions for Kids: “The Snail and the Whale” at Tulsa PAC

The Snail and the Whale Live

It is hard to keep kids still for very long. It seems that no matter which of the attractions in Tulsa you take them to, they just want to get up and move around. If that's a problem you're faced with then take your kids over to the Tulsa Center for the Performing Arts where they can do a little bit of both. Right now they are putting on a spectacular … [Read more...]

Art Camps for Spring Break at Union Public Schools


Spring break is right around the corner, and that means that it is about to get hectic in your three-bedroom apartment in the Union School District. If you are not heading off for the beach, make sure you get something lined up so your kids don't go stir-crazy during their week off. Spring Break Art Camp Sign your kids up for art classes where they … [Read more...]

Kids Love Tulsa’s Incredible Pizza Company on 71st Street

Tulsa's Incredible Pizza Company

If you have kids who love a good time and pizza (and who doesn't?), your Tulsa apartment near 71st Street is in a great location that puts you a short distance away from a location that gives them both at the same time. America's Incredible Pizza Company is located at 8314 E. 71st St., and they have everything you need to show your kid an awesome time and … [Read more...]

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Divvy Up Chores with Roommates with These Apps

Divvy Up Chores with Roommates with These Apps

Ever wish there was an easy way to divvy up chores, pay apartment bills, and know each other's schedules without major weekly, in-person meetings? Well, now there are several apps that will organize this for you and all of your roommates or your family so everyone's on the same page. You can even reward each other for jobs well done with some of these … [Read more...]

The Importance of Emergency Funds for Apartment Renters

The Importance of Emergency Funds for Apartment Renters

One thing you should definitely take into consideration when renting one of our Case & Associates apartments is building a "nest egg" of emergency funds. Most recommendations regarding emergency funds often call for saving at least six months' worth of expenses and leaving those funds alone until you absolutely have to have them. If you find … [Read more...]

Know What to Do if Your Pet is Poisoned

Know What to Do if Your Pet Is Poisoned

It's always nice to be able to share your Case & Associates apartment with your beloved four-legged companion, and you've likely created a home that is as pet-proof and safe for your pet as possible. Despite your precautions, however, there might come a time when your pet has gotten a little too curious about something and accidentally ingested a … [Read more...]

Tulsa and Oklahoma City Named Top Affordable Cities

Tulsa and Oklahoma City Named Top Affordable Cities

It's everyone's dream to find a comfortable area within America where they can live and raise a family. It is a big bonus when that place is also affordable. We are pleased to say that our premier apartments in Oklahoma fit that bill perfectly, and folks across the country are starting to take notice. Most people are surprised to learn that Tulsa is … [Read more...]

Decor DIY: Upgrade Your Furniture with Contact Paper

Decor DIY Upgrade Your Furniture with Contact Paper

Everyone likes to have nice furniture, but regardless of whether it's new or old, it doesn't take much for scratches and blemishes to besmirch the finish. When that happens, you can either refinish the piece, live with it, or touch it up so that your furniture looks brand new again. One easy apartment decorating tip is to pick up some contact paper from … [Read more...]