Plan Family Days at Tulsa Parks

Plan a fun day with your family at one of the many parks in Tulsa. You can go hiking, play on a playground, or simply have a picnic! Take a look at our top four choices:

Beautiful park

Enjoy a relaxing day at the park with your family

Aaronson Park
4807 S 87 E Ave
In addition to a playground, this park has not one, but two tennis courts. There are also two basketball courts to enjoy as well.

Alsuma Park
9801 E. 51 Avenue
This is the perfect park for active families as there are 6 sports fields and .75 miles of trails!

Braden Park
5036 E. 7th Street
This is the park to visit on hot, summer days since there is a water play area to enjoy! Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic in one of the many picnic areas before you play in the water.

Franklin Park
1818 E. Virgin Avenue
From sports fields to an indoor gym- this park has it all!

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Photo Credit: Ava Weintraub

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